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 └  Statistical,  of the  Mind  and  Body.

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PostSubject: └  Statistical,  of the  Mind  and  Body.   Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:53 am

Statistics  govern the full range of physical and mental capability for every character, scaling for
the sake of embodying DC's broad spectrum of possibilities without losing proportion or balance.
It may seem a bit daunting, at first, but stats  are fundamental and preserve the integrity  of  RP.

New  characters begin with  30 SP  to allocate in any of these stats,
chosen to accentuate key  characteristics and the nuances of canon.

Stats  scale from  1  to  12  unless there is an
ability  that boosts them at play;  i.e. ordinary.
SP  may be purchased with  Tokens.  It gets
increasingly expensive, doubling in price per.

i.e.  50,  100,  200,  400,  etc.


1 SP    gap is noticeable.

2 SP    gap is a hardship.

3 SP    gap will outclass.

4 SP    gap overwhelms.


Accuracy:    Governs proficiency  with any type
of projectile weaponry, throwing things, etc.  At a
distance  this is the most important stat.  20ft per.

Awareness:    Governs proficiency  with sensing
things using the mundane  senses and intuition.  As
for stealth  detection, it must be higher in contrast.

Constitution:    Governs general toughness,  and
everything associated with it;  stamina,  resisting a
natural  element or-  primarily-  the physical stuff.

Dexterity:    Governs proficiency  with all kinds
of handheld weaponry, coordination,  the general
reflexes  and agility.  For finesse, acrobatics, etc.

Speed:    Governs general swiftness  generated in
a purely physical fashion;  relative to sprinting,  an
attack's attainable speed,  etc.  A common factor.

Stealth:    Governs proficiency  with hiding, going
undetected while in motion  and most concealment
methods.  This does not extend to a  superpower.

Strength:    Governs general power  generated by
pure physical effort;  relative to lifting,  an attack's
attainable force,  jumping,  etc.  A common factor.

Willpower:    Governs proficiency  with any kind
of magic,  or anything reliant on firm resolve.  25
MP  for every  AP  allocated in this stat;  arcane.

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└  Statistical,  of the  Mind  and  Body.
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